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Global Shapers are highly motivated individuals who have a great potential for future leadership roles in society. They are selected on the basis of their achievements, leadership potential and commitment to make a difference.

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Project and Programs

Abuja Dialogue Series


To create a platform where people’s voices can be heard and positive changes can be made in our community.

Amana Initiative


The Amana Initiative is an initiative of 9 projects in Northern Nigerian states funded by the American Embassy for Improving Mutual Understanding and Civil Society Relationship .

Employabiity and Entrepreneuship Program

#AbujaEEP This project aims to tackle massive youth unemployment in Nigeria by delivering employability skills and entrepreneurship training and jobs to 10,000 youth by 2016.


The Widening Gap of a Changing World:

Lessons from #Davos2018 Founded in 1971, the forum’s annual meeting has morphed over time –from a meeting of private sector leaders, it has now evolved into a gathering that realizes that there is an important nexus of the Public-Private-People partnership required to...

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Abuja Global Shapers Employability Skills Workshop

EEP’s employability skills training calendar kicked off on May 30, 2016 with the first workshop in a 5-module curriculum. The first module, which focused on two topics: writing an effective CV and excelling on job interviews, was facilitated by Jumy Adekeye, EEP...

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Why Amana Matters

Fahimta is understanding in the Hausa language. That is what the Amana participants from the American University of Nigeria define trust to mean. Trust means different things to different people:  to the buyer at the market, trust is underscored when he or she picks...

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Ken – Our Torch Bearer Lives On

Death is the great equalizer. We detest it’s occurrence with spite and bitterness. But equality is what Ken stood for: equality in economic terms, between the rich and the poor; education for all; fairness in society; fulfilment of purpose; peace, hope and equal...

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