#AGSDrive – United We Stand

Overtime we witness an injustice and do not act, we train our character to be passive ints presence and thereby eventually lose all ability to defend ourselves and those we love” Julian Assange

So on October 2, 2015 we refused to be passive or tamed into silence. We decided that the usual changing of avatars and launching of hashtags on social media was not going to be enough this time. The war against terror is largely a psychological one with the main aim to overwhelm us with fear and cripple us with the feeling of helplessness. The Abuja Global Shapers in response to the October 2nd terror attack, decided to combat terrorism the only way we could-to stand united and reinforce the very thing the enemy chooses to destroy- our human values such as kindness, love & collective responsibility.

We decided that as a community of exceptional young leaders, we needed to channel our energy and resources to help rebuild the lives of victims who were still alive. We understood from our past experience of donating blood and provisions from the last bomb blast, that paying the hospitals bills of the victims was only half of the problem. Most victims could be stuck in the hospital for months simply because they could not get transport money to get back home. Also, due to the busy vicinity of the attacks, most victims were also the breadwinners of their home.

From October 6-9 2015, we launched a donor drive and with the help of the wonderful people of Abuja we raised over N190,000 that was shared amongst the victims in addition to the hundreds of provisions and clothing that would keep each family fed and clothed for months to come.

Lesson- When we stand united, we remain an indomitable force even in the face of terror. Our resolve to defend our values MUST always outweigh the resolve of the few who seek to destroy it.

See what you helped us accomplish in pictures. Thank you so much for making this happen.

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