Existence and sustainable of businesses, projects and programs will be stunted if we refuse to involve the populace or upscale. People want to speak and be heard, help and be helped.

This is #ShapersCONNECT

Shapers Connect is our window to the world, a platform where non-shapers can interact with shapers and fellow young people who have a desire to have an impact on the state of the world. It is an avenue to network as well as direct a progressive narrative to enhance development, entrepreneurship and even politics.

The Abuja Hub has had 5 editions of Shapers Connect and we have connected a minimum of 500 young professionals, businesses and also enlightened them on our projects and how they can get involved.


"Mentoring at Ladela School brought me opportunities to help my mentees overcome their career worries and fears. Despite their naiveness, i also learn from their innocence and passion to be an ambassador in their prospective chosen field of profession".

Gabriel Adeyemo, Research Analyst

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