Curator’s Message

We are living today in a changing world and faced with complex interconnected threats that challenge our future.

In Nigeria, our challenges can no longer be termed as economic or political as they are inextricably linked which require a multi stakeholder approach to come up with a system design that will provide effective solutions to our local issues with a global impact.

The Abuja Global Shapers community, being a network of talented committed individuals with a shared passion and optimism for the future, has a burning desire to Act Now. We ask: If not now then when? If not us then who?

We cannot solve the problems of today with the same complacency and thinking which created these problems, whilst excluding the most vulnerable group – the youth.  Every day we take action on the thematic areas of education, security, health, capacity building, advocacy to shape the future we want to see.

Guided on the principles of respect for human dignity and values, we effectively make use of our talents and resources for the public good. Everyday we are working toward shaping our world into a more peaceful, just, transparent, equitable, and technologically advanced one, ready for the jobs of the future.

As the Abuja Global Shapers Hub has reached Akmi [a point at which something is at its best], it is my greatest honour and responsibility to lead the hub as we take big bets and bold actions to deepen the impact we have made in the last five years.

With great respect and admiration for the amazing Abuja Global Shapers, Shaping Today, Tomorrow and the Future, I introduce you to the world of change-makers.

Welcome to the Abuja Hub.


Saadatu Falila Hamu A
Abuja Global Shapers


"Mentoring at Ladela School brought me opportunities to help my mentees overcome their career worries and fears. Despite their naiveness, i also learn from their innocence and passion to be an ambassador in their prospective chosen field of profession".

Gabriel Adeyemo, Research Analyst

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