Emerging Leaders Award

The Community Service Award is an initiative of Selfless for Africa and facilitated by the Global Shapers Community. It focused on developing young people in our communities and exposing the youth to community service initiatives.

The initiative invited applications from young Nigerians in tertiary institutions in the country. The winning team, Project Drink and Live, proposed to construct a source of potable drinking water for the residents of Wukara Community – a village in the outskirts of Abuja with 1000 residents. Prior to this, the resister of the village had been getting their water from a discolored and obviously contaminated stream, which they use, for all their water-related activities.

Over the course of one month in November, 2015, with funding from Selfless for Africa Inc., implementation by Project Drink and Live and Supervision by the Abuja Global Shapers, the reconnaissance survey, drilling, laboratory testing and setting up of the borehole took place and the community was presented with their new source of water.

By so doing, we believe to have achieved our aim of getting more young citizens involved in community development services. The real victory however, is the reduction of water related ailments that the residents of Wukara had been suffering as a result of the use of contaminated source of water that had been their only source prior to this intervention.


"Mentoring at Ladela School brought me opportunities to help my mentees overcome their career worries and fears. Despite their naiveness, i also learn from their innocence and passion to be an ambassador in their prospective chosen field of profession".

Gabriel Adeyemo, Research Analyst

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