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Give-A-Gift Project

The Christmas season is a good time to help people in need, especially children. This includes providing food items, clothing, toys and whatever would enable the children who receive these items to experience the joy of the Christmas season. Giving warmth, love and hope. This is what Christmas is all about – a time to share our good fortunes with our neighbours in need.

The #GiveAGift Project was launched in December 2013 by the Abuja hub of the Global Shapers Community, where we made ‘a miracle come true’ for kids at the Abuja Children’s Home (ACH) in Karu. This project has its unique way of touching the lives of the most neglected and under-privileged children, those who experience little love and happiness in their broken world. These children have come through bad experiences with exploitation and abuse, and the joy of receiving an amazing #Gift is something we always look forward to provide. This project aims to inspire lasting change in the lives of children in need through the power of collective action – from us all.

In 2013, the Abuja Global Shapers with the support of individual donations and contributions, every child, from the one-month-old babies to the twenty five year old adults, at the Abuja Children’s Home (ACH), received a personalized gift. Gift items ranged from puzzles, toys, baby formula, to colouring books, stationery and arts and craft kits. We also donated lightly worn and clean clothing items, footwears and a baby walker, which were all contributions from individuals. The children were very happy.

For the 2015 edition, we made it priority to meet the ACH medical supplies needs over food items. The hub started a one-week long donation drive that included use of social media, personal contributions and a ‘gofundme’ account (this attracted over £1,000 in donations from Nigerians in diaspora) and a cheque of N500,000 was presented to the home alongside other items collected by us from well-meaning Nigerians.



"Mentoring at Ladela School brought me opportunities to help my mentees overcome their career worries and fears. Despite their naiveness, i also learn from their innocence and passion to be an ambassador in their prospective chosen field of profession".

Gabriel Adeyemo, Research Analyst

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