EndSARS: Healing Together

A series of mental health Workshops supporting young Nigerians in learning resilience techniques to cope with trauma.

In an unprecedented turn of events, the youth-led #ENDSARS protests against police brutality in Nigeria, turned ghastly with scores of protestors dead and wounded from live ammunition fired at peaceful, defenseless protestors. The violent images of dead bodies, open gunshot wounds, bullets, and stories of refusal by security agents to allow ambulance services to take care of the wounded, have left thousands more Nigerians emotionally brutalized and traumatized. Today, young people in Nigeria need psychosocial support in order to begin to heal from the distressing events that have continued to haunt so many. 

In the absence of public mental health services to cater to the needs of young people, the Nigeria Hubs would collaborate with Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative to scale-up crisis support services to 5,000 young Nigerians across the country.

This project is targeted at Nigerian youth. In six months, we expect to reach 5,000 young people with crisis support services within six (6) months with workshops on Saturdays.

The following hubs within the Global Shapers Community are collaborating with Mentally aware Nigeria Initiative (MANI). 

    • Abuja hub
    • Calabar Hub
    • Ibadan Hub
    • Kaduna Hub
    • Kano Hub
    • Lagos Hub
    • Port-Harcourt Hub 
    • Ozubulu Hub
    • Uyo Hub