Shaping Davos 2016

Shaping Davos is a conversation that features local solutions to global issues. Through a series of live events hosted by the Global Shapers Community, and using two-way live streaming and satellite broadcast technology, Shaping Davos connects 40 cities from around the world to discuss 10 topics related to the theme of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos-Klosters. Forty community-wide events will provide viewers with unprecedented access to insights from cities and issues in every major region of the world. The local events will also ensure that the local community has the opportunity to move the issue forward locally.

The Abuja Hub of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Community was selected to be on among the 40 hubs chosen to bring Davos to the community with our “Leveraging Human Capital Through Skill Development” Session which took place on the 22nd of January 2015 at the Transcorp Hilton in Abuja, Nigeria.

This topic was very important to us as the Abuja Hub has been very active in the community over the past four years engaging in community building programs such as our Employability and Entrepreneurship Program, Shape Up Mentoring Program, various youth centered programs such as our Meet the Leader Sessions, Young Professionals Network Connect Nights, and the 2014 World Economic Forum on Africa Pre-Event: Shape Africa 2014.

Our “Leveraging Human Capital Through Skill Development” Session was a two part session consisting of a Panel Pre-Session Discussing local solutions to the topic “Absorbing Youth into Emerging Industries” and the main event, which was the live streaming to Davos on the topics “Engaging Youth in Work” and “Rethinking Youth Employment”. Panelists for the Pre-Session included Lady OnyekaOnwenu, DG Women’s Development Center, Sam OgbemiDaibo, Executive Director Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND), MorinsolaSofola, Head of Human Resources, Transcorp Hilton, Cynthia MosunmolaUmoru, Pretty Miss Farmer; Dupe Fadugba, Visual Artist, Co-Founder, West African Vocational Education, IstifanusBargo, Chief Project Officer Graduate Internship Scheme and was moderated by Simi Fajemirokun, Global Shaper and CEO of ESFAJ and Associates.  The Session was a heated debate on the current state of youth engagement and culminated in a variety of solutions on sectors where youth can be absorbed such as agriculture, the arts, and service industry. However, much emphasis was put on the need to change the mindset of Nigerian youth towards work and quality work and the need to start such through the educational systems. All deliberations were aggregated and our position was delivered through live streaming to Davos during the main event by  our local representative Mr Frank Nweke Jr., Young Politician and Entrepreneur.

Our program was attended by over 250 youth, all of which gave positive feedback to their experience at the event, their renewed understanding of why platforms such as World Economic Forum have a local impact, increased interest in being involved in their community and interest in working with Abuja Global Shapers and attending more of our events.

This was the first time that World Economic Forum was opening its doors virtually outside of Davos through Shaping Davos. It was a privilege to be chosen to be part of the first set of Hubs to participate and the Abuja Hub hopes to continue to do such in the future. For more information about Shaping Davos, you can go to


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