Personal Development Director

Simi Fajemirokun is the Senior Partner of ESFAJ & Partners, an advisory firm that provides innovative and creative solutions to the increasing need for research in business development.  She also advises top government officials in Federal and State governments in Nigeria and Ghana.

Simi is also the founder of the READ2SUCCEED Project, an initiative aimed at improving the literacy level amongst students in public primary schools. She has a passion for education and her drive is to provide accurate data on Africa in order to harness its full potential. She is a recipient of the Good Planet Foundation award based on her research on ‘Mobile Learning in Rural Areas’.



B.A Politics and International Relations, University of Reading


Service in Hub:

Current: Personal Development Director

Past: Curator (2012 -2013)

Global Shaper since November 2011


Contact Simi:


Twitter: @simiskeez


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