Weather And Climate

As in the tropics, the FCT experience two weather conditions annually. These are the rainy season (the equivalent of winter in the temperate region) and the dry season (the equivalent of summer in the temperate climate). The rainy season begins from April and ends in October Within this period, there is a brief interlude of harmattan occasioned by the North East Trade Wind, with the main feature of dust haze, intensified coldness and dryness. Fortunately the high altitudes and undulating terrain of the FCT act as moderating influence on the weather of the territory The temperature ranges from 25° C to 30°C. Swimming is always a good idea.

Rainfall in the FCT reflects the territory‘s location on the windward side of the Jos Plateau and the zone of rising air masses. The annual total rainfall is in the range of I I 00mm to I 600mm.


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