Doris OJI

Doris is an engineer with years of experience in the energy and infrastructure development sectors of Nigeria. She works as a Procurement Manager for Sahara Energy Group where she optimises the purchasing synergy between the organisational entities, monitors systems and policies and creates sustainable value through strategic sourcing, responsible procurement and supply chain risk management. As an alumnus of the UK Government Chevening Scholarship Programme, she holds a Master’s degree in Engineering Business Management from the University of Bath and a certificate in Business and Technology Valuation from Oxford University. She is a certified Lean Six-Sigma process improvement professional, a podcast host and an avid volunteer in causes that make a positive difference in the society.

MSc Engineering Business Management University of Bath, United Kingdom.

Procurement manager, Sahara Group Ltd


Past: Deputy Curator, Shape-Up Mentoring Manager, and Hub Welfare Director.

Global Shaper since November 2014