Godwin Kingsley is a development professional with extensive project management experience spanning 7 years in governance, poverty alleviation, disaster management and humanitarian relief and economic empowerment for youth and women.

Working as the Regional Program Officer of the West Africa Civil Society Forum, he collaborated with development partners, senior government officials, civil society and community leaders in formulating policies, designing strategies, executing action plans and facilitating training’s on inclusive democracy, election and governance, extractive industry transparency, social justice, human rights and gender equity.

Godwin has facilitated the participation of Civil Society in the development and implementation of key regional policies. He has designed media strategies, led policy advocacy, community engagement and facilitated CSO trainings and public awareness on the European Union Funded project on ‘Mobilizing Civil Society for the implementation of the African Charter on Democracy, Election and Governance (ACDEG) in West Africa (especially Nigeria, Ghana and Sierra Leone).

He has also managed the regional CSOs Technical Workshop on the ECOWAS Model Mining and Minerals Development Act (EMMMDA), coordinated the regional consultation meeting with ECOWAS on Increasing Women’s Participation in the Extractive Industry as well as represented civil society and contributed to the development of the final draft of the ECOWAS migration policy during a joint 2 days Technical Workshop with ECOWAS, International Organization on Migration (IOM), UNHCR and International Center for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD).

Furthermore, he has managed the ‘Regional capacity building program on Child Rights Advocacy’ a joint program between Plan International and WACSOF and managed the West Africa Dialogue on Private Sector Climate Financing; a project supported by Oxfam Denmark.

In 2014 Godwin co-founded World Impact Development Foundation (WIDEF) a non-profit contributing to the fight against poverty, hunger and promoting equal access to social and economic opportunities for all. At the grassroots level, he takes the lead in driving community action helping youth and women build resilience, escape poverty and realize their full potential. Through the Rural Entrepreneurship and Skills Acquisition (RESA) initiative, he has trained and empowered over 4000 youths and women on entrepreneurship, vocational skills and agriculture across several local communities in five states across Nigeria.

Godwin also serves as s member of faculty at Seal Resource Firm. In this role, he designs innovative solutions and learning experiences that help the staff of startups, corporations, non-profits and public institutions improve their workplace efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, growth and peak performance.