Zainab Rahima AMINU

Zainab Rahima Aminuis a strategy and management consultant. She was formerly the Project Manager for a group of consultants who created a strategy blueprint for a private clinic offering bespoke medical services in London. Her core interest areas include international development, entrepreneurship and women empowerment. She has taken up several developmental causes including the “FeedAVillage” campaign where she raised funds and awareness for a village of people living with Hansen’s disease. Rahima has worked in Economic Policy Analysis Unit of ECOWAS, assisting in publishing reports pertinent to the economic integration of the region. She is an Associate Fellow of the Nigerian Leadership Initiative (NLI) and a mentor for secondary school students in the Skills Outside School (SOS) Foundation. Rahima has a keen interest in Nigeria’s internal refugee crisis. She is a member of the Foundation for Refugee Economic Empowerment (F.R.E.E.) and is currently working on tackling malnutrition in IDP camps in partnership with AACE Foods and Africare.

M.Sc. Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management, Imperial College, London
M.A (Honors) International Relations, The University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Current: Special Projects Manager
Global Shaper since November 2015