2022 Curator Inaugural Address

17 Oct 2022

Dear friends, thank you so much for this opportunity.  Thank you to everyone here present and those who have joined in virtually.  

I am sure that you all would agree, that it has been a wonderful 11 years plus of shaping as we mark the beginning of yet another hub year with this annual handover ceremony.

I would like to thank  God Almighty for his mercies and blessings that has brought me this far, and I am rest assured of his grace which will take me even further.  I would also like to thank you my fellow Abuja Global Shapers for electing me to serve our hub as the 11th Curator for the 2022/2023 hub year. 

As I stand here before you, I am indeed honoured to be given the opportunity to serve in this capacity and you have my sincere assurance that I will be dedicated to the vision and mission of the Abuja hub and the Global Shapers Community  the same way I have demonstrated my commitment over the past two years since I was confirmed into this prestigious community.

One of the fundamental questions that every person should ask his or herself is:  ‘What is the purpose of my existence’.

I do not want to be utopic about this, but in my view, the purpose of the life of every human being, should be, to make a positive contribution to the continuance and wellbeing of humanity and this here is where we as Global Shapers differ and that is why we are here – simply to make a positive difference.

One of the key strengths of the Global Shapers Community that we will continue to leverage as we deliver service to our community, is the diversity in skillsets and vocation across our members. 

In other words, the Global Shapers Community’s service to Humanity should not only be defined  BY WHAT WE DO but most importantly by WHO WE ARE!

As we transition into a new hub year it is always a good time to remind ourselves of the mission of the Abuja hub which is to nurture a progressive community that worksdiligently and innovatively to improve the state ofAbuja and its people, extending same to Nigeria, Africa, and the world in addition to promoting the new impact  areas of focus set by the Global Shapers Community which are to:

-Build inclusive communities

-Reskill for the future

-Improve health and wellbeing

-Deliver basic needs

-Protect the planet

-Strengthen civic engagement

This Curatorship will take these impact areas with the seriousness they deserve and this is why we are institutionalizing shaping health (the umbrella body for all health projects henceforth) to address the third impact area which is to improve health and wellbeing in a bid to sustain our previous health projects and create a line for legacy in which others can benefit from.  

At hub level, emphasis will be on impact,  engagement, and growth of Shapers. The intention here is to have quality meetings and create an atmosphere of warmth and fun that attracts better participation and the progress of everyone.

With the introduction of Alumni advisors for every hub project and hub operation, this curatorship desires that the hub taps into the vast and rich resources of expertise we have among us that are not actively shaping. 

I am grateful for this opportunity to serve. Without your support,  ideas and participation, all these hopes, and ambitions would not be possible. I sincerely plead for it.

I look forward to a year of fun, impact and doing good in our community and around the world with your support, ideas, and participation. Always remember the vision for this hub year. GROWTH.SUSTAIN.IMPACT

God bless you, God bless the Abuja Hub, and God bless Nigeria. Thank you.

Delivered by Princess Ifeoma Ike,

Curator, Abuja Hub, Global Shapers Community at her June 25th, 2022 Inauguration