Abuja Global Shapers Employability Skills Workshop

4 Dec 2017

EEP’s employability skills training calendar kicked off on May 30, 2016 with the first workshop in a 5-module curriculum. The first module, which focused on two topics: writing an effective CV and excelling on job interviews, was facilitated by Jumy Adekeye, EEP Director, and Bella-Ann Ndubuisi. Both topics were organized into two sections: a lecture followed by an interactive breakout session, which provided participants with an opportunity to ask questions pertaining to their own CVs, and job application process.


The five-module curriculum of EEP consists of a tailored approach to up-skill youth in work readiness, including job application preparation, digital literacy, commercial awareness, effective communication, customer relations, and negotiation, among others. Participants who successfully complete the 5-month curriculum will be invited as preferred job candidates to an annual job fair organized at the end of the training series.

Fifteen participants attended the May 30th workshop geared specifically towards young job seekers. Post-workshop evaluations completed by 14 participants illustrated overwhelmingly that they found the sessions both informative and valuable, and that they had gained the necessary skills needed to improve their CVs. Majority of participants also rated the sessions as excellent. Pre-and post-tests also illustrated a median score improvement of 2.5 points out of the possible 10 points on the test (Median pre-test scores were 4.5 and median post-test scores were 7.5 out of 10), thereby equally demonstrating a  marked increase in the knowledge gained immediately following the workshop.

Participants had the following to say about the May 30th workshop: “Wonderful workshop!!! Keep it up.” “The workshop should be organised often.” “I have really learned a great deal…” “I have gotten considerable knowledge…”