Ken – Our Torch Bearer Lives On

4 Dec 2017

Death is the great equalizer. We detest it’s occurrence with spite and bitterness. But equality is what Ken stood for: equality in economic terms, between the rich and the poor; education for all; fairness in society; fulfilment of purpose; peace, hope and equal opportunities for all.

His infinite belief in the future of Nigeria was palpable in the many essays he penned. He was clear in his message: there was hope; and the right route had to be taken. There are no shortcuts to sustainable development and growth.

In 2011, he birthed the Abuja Global Shapers Hub as the Founding Curator and also recognized as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. His objective for the hub was to harbor and harness great minds from the Abuja metropolis, employing the multifarious opportunities that it held to change the city, for the better – and consequently, the world at large.

As the distinguished members of the Abuja Hub mourn and honor Kenule Saro-Wiwa Jnr. today, we resonate that his object is being fulfilled.

He was a visionary.

He was energetic, fun, easy going and passionate. He served Nigeria as a patriot and not for personal gratification.

Many shapers boast that he is the reason they are shaping their worlds today. Ken inspired ALL who met him – and he left indelible stories to tell afterwards.

In spite of this devastation that death has brought to us, we honor a man who set the fires of passion, zeal, dedication and service burning in the hearts of many.

Today is a dark day for us, and the Global Shapers Community and Nigeria.

But the light that brightly overshadows this dark-tunnel-moment is this: Ken left a mark that even death cannot snatch or destroy. He blazed a prestigious and impactful trail. And the flame that he has set burning in our lives, we will never allow to fade.

R.I.P Ken Saro-Wiwa Jnr
Signed: Abuja Global Shapers

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