Meet the Leader Series

3 Jan 2018

Our Meet the Leader Series is a forum that connects young professionals with world leaders and high achievers in both the private and public sectors, with the goal of fostering learning, exchange of ideas and collaboration.

Our Meet the Leader sessions are typically an hour long and very interactive consisting of a 20-30 minute talk by our Leader followed by 20 minutes where the audience gets the opportunity to engage with the speaker in a Q and A session. The number of participants is usually small, not more than 20-30, to keep the atmosphere real and intimate (Chatham house rules usually applies).

In the past we have hosted speakers like Omobola Johnson, the Honorable Minister of Communications and Technology; Wale Tinubu, CEO, Oando; Kingsley Bangwell, Founder, Youngstars Foundation; Ashish Thakkar, CEO, Mara Group; NdidiNwuneli, Co-Founder/Director, AACE Foods; Ariq Naqvi, CEO, The Abraaj Group; Amina J Mohammed, Honourable Minister of Environment and Dr. Yemi Kale, Statistician General to the Federation and CEO of the National Bureau of Statistics. The speakers have been very inspiring and the conversations have helped break down barriers and bridge the gap between trailblazers in the public and private sector and the next generation of leaders.

The Meet the Leader Series has been attended by over 200 young individuals and has been an avenue of inspiration to many, personally, professionally, and in other aspects. The intimate nature of the session has also opened opportunities for some attendees with our leaders directly and indirectly.

The Abuja Hub will continue to provide such opportunities to meet with world leaders on a regular basis.